"Let's Build Your Dream!"
Welcome to Cut Above Construction and Design based in Pueblo, CO!
Here at Cut Above Construction and Design we are a family owned business that believes everyone should have the opportunity to build their dream. We want to partner with you to build your dream! Call or email us today to start building your dream!
Meet The Team
  1. Lead Designer
    Lead Designer
    Jennifer McDonald
    Jennifer has an Associates of Applied Science in Interior Design, and specializes in Space Planning. She loves to create spaces that are functional and usable for all her clients' needs.
  2. General Contractor
    General Contractor
    John McDonald
    John has over 20 years of construction experience, along with having a General Contractor's license in Residential and Commercial and strives to always have Cut Above's work truly a cut above.
  3. Lead Project Manager
    Lead Project Manager
    Elijah McDonald
    Elijah has been in the the construction field for many years and knows what it takes to create successful projects. His desire is to produce projects that are truly a Cut Above.
"Let's Build Your Dream!"
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