Design/Build Process

The Design/Build process is a transformative approach that seamlessly integrates design, material selection, and construction into a unified service, distinct from the traditional remodeling company model. With our Design/Build method, clients experience a streamlined journey, as all aspects of the project are managed under one roof. This eliminates the typical fragmentation of responsibilities and ensures a cohesive vision from inception to completion. Unlike traditional remodeling companies, our Design/Build process offers a single point of contact and accountability, fostering time and cost efficiencies, unmatched customization, and rigorous quality control. This innovative approach minimizes the risk of miscommunication and project delays, providing a more efficient, personalized, and harmonious experience for our clients.


Begin your journey with a personalized conversation. We delve into your vision, understanding your goals, and laying the groundwork for a successful collaboration.



We meet in-person either at your home or in our showroom, ensuring a hands-on understanding. We assess possibilities, learn your pain points and style, and outline the steps for your project's success.



Now that we understand your vision, we analyze requirements such as budget considerations, and structural aspects, ensuring a comprehensive roadmap with timeline for seamless execution.



Our team transforms ideas into tangible designs, developing a blueprint that captures the essence of your dream project. Permitting, engineering, and approvals take place during this stage.



Watch your dream come to life! During this fifth and final phase, construction begins, and your design is built. The timeline of this phase is determined by the size and complexity of your project.



Embarking on your project with Cut Above Construction and Design is a journey defined by clarity, collaboration, and craftsmanship. Beginning with our “Intro Call,” we initiate a personalized conversation, understanding your vision and establishing the foundation for success. The “On-Site Consult” brings our experts to your space, ensuring hands-on comprehension of possibilities, preferences, and project intricacies. Moving to “Project Analysis,” we meticulously examine every facet—requirements, budgets, and structural considerations—crafting a comprehensive roadmap. Finally, in “Design/Develop,” witness your dreams materialize as our team transforms ideas into tangible designs, presenting you with a blueprint that encapsulates the essence of your vision then executing it. At every step, expect open communication, meticulous attention to detail, and a seamless progression toward the realization of your dream project. Throughout the entire design/build process with Cut Above, expect open communication, meticulous attention to detail, and a seamless progression toward the realization of your dream project.

The Design/Build Difference

  • 1. Integrated Services

    We offer a full-service package that merges design and construction, ensuring your kitchen remodel is cohesive from concept to completion. This integrated approach contrasts with the traditional method of hiring separate entities for design and construction.

  • 2. Single Point of Responsibility

    Our team serves as your sole contact, responsible for every stage of the remodel. This centralized communication streamlines the process, eliminating the confusion and mixed messages that can arise from dealing with multiple contractors and designers.

    With our all-encompassing approach, there's no passing the buck. We take full accountability for the design and build of your kitchen, ensuring any issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

  • 3. Cohesive Vision

    We operate with a team mentality, bringing together designers and builders to work side by side. This collaboration from the start guarantees a unified strategy and outcome for your kitchen remodel, unlike traditional contractors who may just execute predefined plans. We ensure that the vision for your kitchen remains intact from the first draft to the last stroke of paint. Our team's continuous oversight maintains the integrity of the design, avoiding the fragmentation that can occur when passing plans between a designer and a contractor.

  • 4. Time and Cost Efficiency

    Our cohesive approach often results in faster completion and greater cost-effectiveness of projects. Integrated teams like ours reduce the risk of delays due to miscommunication, a common setback with multiple teams.

  • 5. Expertise and Specialization

    Our professionals are skilled in both design and construction, offering a depth of expertise that provides a significant advantage over the compartmentalized expertise found in traditional contracting or retail models.

  • 6. Customization

    We specialize in creating custom solutions tailored to your exact needs, overseeing the project from its inception to the final reveal. This level of personalization sets us apart from retailers with preset options and contractors without comprehensive design services.

  • 7. Quality Control

    Our quality control is thorough and consistent because the same team that designs your kitchen also builds it. This ensures that the final product reflects the high standards we promise and you expect.


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