Our Process

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  1. Consult
    Call or email us to schedule your initial project consultation. We will come out and look at your project or we will schedule a time for you to meet us at our office.
  2. Estimate
    After our initial consultation we will be able to provide you with an estimated cost for your project.
  3. Design and Planning
    Now the fun really begins. During the Design and Planning Stage we will work with you to complete the design, selection allowances, and layout of your dream.
  4. Construction Contract
    The construction contract can be finalized once the Design and Planning Stage is complete. We do it this way, so we can make sure you know exactly what you are receiving for how much it will cost.
  5. Construction Starts
    Once the construction contract is finalized, we will start building your dream. During this time frame our project managers will work closely with you to keep you updated and informed on your dream's progress.
  6. Owner's Website
    Once the Design and Planning stage of your project starts an "Owner's Website" will be provided. On this website you will be able to see everything you need to know about your project as well as any upcoming selections. It's also mobile friendly so your dream is always a click away.
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